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[spaceward ho] Spaceward Ho! for Palm OS

Based on the latest Spaceward Ho! 5.0 for Mac codebase.

Spaceward Ho! for Palm OS was a strategic game of awesome scope. You control the entire military and economy of a spacefaring race. Your goal: explore and colonize the galaxy. Unfortunately, you are not alone. Alien enemies bent on galactic conquest will oppose your expansion. You fight them by developing new technologies and expanding your empire, or you can ally with them to turn enemies into friends. Terraform newly discovered worlds or mine their natural resources. Maneuver your starship fleets, both in defense of your own systems and in offensive strikes against the evil aliens. Your strategic decisions will determine the fate of the galaxy.

Spaceward Ho! for Palm OS Manual

[conquest] Conquest

A strategy game for the Palm, where you are the high-stakes venture capitalist trying to make your fortune on the DotCom market (before they all go out of business)! Your goal is to have more money at the end of the game than your rival venture capitalists. You accomplish this by forming companies, buying stock in those companies and then merging those companies. But only the major share holders of the company benefit from mergers, so be sure you are top dog before you merge companies!

pixmix PixMix

Choose a photo. Start the game. Can you put the picture back together again by dragging the tiles around? Can you set a new speed record for the level? Enjoy the puzzles from the easier 3x3 to a really really hard (yes, it takes awhile to solve) 10x10. You can also create your own PixMix photos, or find new photos to enjoy.

buzzword bingo BuzzWord Bingo
is based on a Dilbert Comic strip. Instead of using normal bingo squares (like B1, I17, G43, etc.) you use BuzzWords. You can play during meetings at work. If your boss (or the person speaking) uses a BuzzWord on your "card", you check it off. The objective is to fill an entire row (just like normal Bingo). When you win -- shout BINGO!