Projects from the past, the present and the future.

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Atlas from Volvo Group

A vehicle telematic simulator.

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Bowers & Wilkins

Formerly EVA Automation, I lead a team of software developers to create the next generation of home A/V products at the company that created the world's greatest loud speakers.

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Spaceward Ho! for iPhone and iPad

Play the classic Spaceward Ho! game, now available for your iPhone and iPad.

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Naval Game To Be Named Later

I am writing a (modern) port of the classic game North Atlantic '86. I'm stuck on Combat at the moment.

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A collaborative learning platform that enables books to get smarter so you get smarter. I wrote the Ruby on Rails back-end service which powers both the Google Android application and the Nota Reader web application.

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Travel by Handstand for iPad

Travel by Handstand, winner of the 2012 Gold Award for Travel Apps by the Society of American Travel Writers. I wrote the Ruby on Rails back-end service which powers this award winning iPad application.

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ratings exporter for Netflix

Export your seen and some of your rated movie info from your Netflix account. Due to Netflix API changes, this service is no longer available.

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Klutch is an iOS application and service that lets you schedule without the hassle. It's the simple and easy way to find the perfect time and place to meet with friends and colleagues.

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Kid Game To Be Named Later

I am writing a game to help kids learn about money...Prototype is in Rails. The final version might be in Rails too, or maybe iPad/iPhone? We'll see. Trying to make paying bills fun as well as educational.